Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi everyone!

I've been busy creating a new story and have come up with designs and characters for it!
It's called Nightland. The story is still in progress but the summary has been laid out, i just need to fill in the gaps.

It's a complete change / challenge from the restaurant one cuz this is more wizardry fantasy-ish and not sci-fi which i typically like to do.

This story was created 5 years ago but it has not been touched for 4 years. Only recently, i decided to take the challenge and make this full scale. Did a lot of revisions to the story and characters.

It used to look like this:

I'm still keeping the winter scene but that red coat has to go lol. 

There is also another story i'm developing currently and i will make that into sort of a weekly web comic. This is to make sure i do something useful with my life and to fulfill my long-time procrastination of finally doing web comics lol. The story is based on the lil boy and the robot, Marcus and Shilo, which can be found here:

I... just need to do it. And stop thinking of eating.

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