Monday, April 15, 2013

Wall of Glory


I can't believe it's already april and this week is the last week of school. It's the end of 3rd year! In a couple of weeks, I'll be starting my co-op! I hope to have an extremely awesome and fulfilling summer this year!
This year's grad show will be on my birthday (haha nice) and I can't wait to see what my seniors have done.

Till this friday, I still have a few things to rush and finish. There will be some more posts over the week once I've handed in everything. In the mean time, here are the wood panels that every one of the 3rd years are required to do to decorate the boring wall. I call it the Wall of Glory lol.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Omg so disgusting!


Spring is coming! Yay! No more ice, snow and the slow and cautious walking because of the ice and slush!
I'm still hoping the temperature will warm up faster.

So the theme of last week's submission was 'Fraud', and I based it on the cardboard meat bun hoax in china many years ago.

Do you still want to eat that plate of breakfast? haha

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hello everybahdee!

Previously i mentioned there was a comic coming up but... i hadn't had any time to do it lol. So forgive me for that.

Anyway, my portfolio site is up and running! Here!

Aaand a digital assignment for class.
I was watching the new Jdrama called "Dinner" and i thought a kitchen scene would be cool (and i didn't have any idea of what to do anyway lol). Dinner's fantastic, though the 'sudden-addition-of-a-sponteneous-guy-that-changes-lives' cliche is there, like in most jdramas. If you like character driven stories and italian restaurants, you guys should go check it out! It's still running and it airs every sunday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sketchbook and other things


Been busy with portfolio stuff and school, but I do have some things to share!

First off, the latest project with the theme of "Recipe for ____", and I did a recipe for time travel~
Apparently, time travel is of course not possible unless we have enough energy to blast ourselves off as fast as the speed of light. 

Sketchbook stuff...

And a few character designs for practice...

Another post on a short comic is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 20, 2013