Saturday, February 8, 2014

Long time no see~~!


How y'all doin'? It's been a long time! I moved to tumblr during the summer of 2013 so I kinda neglected this, but i think i'll be posting stuff more frequently here from now on. I'll try haha.

You can check out my tumblr here!

I never talked about my co-op, and that's what i'm going to talk about here!

I was with Julia Breckenreid and Steve Wilson at Nook and Willow Dawson at the RAID studios. At Nook,  I did some concept work like character and environment design for Steve's company Pyramid Attack. My friends (Katie Carey and Maria Nguyen) and I also did the window display at the front of the studio which lasted throughout the summer. We also assisted Julia and Sandra Dionisi with Nook events in the studio. The thing that I carried away with me was a bond with Julia and also the 'deep' talks about life after grad, and being a freelance illustrator. Socialize and work hard! xDD The whole socializing thing makes me go into panic mode everytime, because i'm pretty awkward around people. But it's such an important aspect in building a career. I also realized toronto's art community is really tight-knit. Everyone know everybody, it's crazy and awesome at the same time.

Talking about socializing, I met Tessar Lo and Ness Lee when me and my friends went to see Keita Morimoto's show opening and also Tessar's show today. Keita's work, although featuring 3 pieces, they were very good. His ability to capture light... wah! Tessar's was good too! It's the total opposite of Keita's.

Yup anyway, on to RAID.
Since doing graphic novels is my lifelong goal, RAID was THE co-op for me. Made friends with Willow and the guys there, so awesome. Me and 2 other friends who interned there as well helped Willow with her classes and conventions. Also we helped her with taxes LOL. I know something about that now haha. Also I learnt about publication and approaching pub houses, preparing portfolios and stuff like that. They also helped us with our thesis ideas, which was good.

Here are pics during co-op.

Stay tuned for thesis stuff!

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