Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looong post!

Hi everyone!

I kinda disappeared during the summer lol.
Travelling this summer was such a great experience, I could not be more happier especially when I finally got to travel with my good buddy to Japan after much planning and research. And I got to capture some sights on paper!

Here are the stuff I did over the summer and also some loseyourpants i didn't upload.

Fanexpo stuff:

Journal stuff from travelling!

Temple in Genting Highlands

Restaurant kitchen in Marui One Annex, Tokyo

Hostel in Furano.

Inside Furano Hostel

Otaru Canal

Otomate event. Whoo~!!

Pub in Singapore

Ponte Vecchio

Lose your pants stuff:


Art studio


Gah, sorry for the massive dump!
It's already 3 weeks of school! So I'll be posting assignments and other personal work very soon!


  1. Fantastic! I love love love your water colour pieces! Great work, Regina. Always looking forward for more. So, stop being lazy. :D

    1. Thank you, glad you liked them! Haha i'm trying! xD